Contribute to this Resource

Why contribute?

I don’t want ML4 to be just another resource. Rather, I want it to be your resource. If there are things that trip you up or cause you frustration, chances are you’re not alone. Everyone comes to this resource with different backgrounds and expertise. Being able to collect all that knowledge in one place is this resource’s mission and you can help move that mission forward.

Ways you can contribute

There are three main ways to contribute:

  • For simple changes contribute directly (Click at the top of any page to get started; just tap & type)
  • For bigger/more abstract suggestions submit an issue (very simple, much appreciated)
  • For adventurous/social GitHub users solve an open issue (more advanced/open-ended, also much appreciated)

For more info on how to contribute to a project like this, there’s a much more thorough contribute page on another resource I made called

Thanks for helping improve ML4.