(Extra)ordinary Article 001: Birth

  • When a human comes into the world, it lets everyone know it’s here. A newborn takes its first breath of air and quickly turns that air into squeals. There is auditory confirmation of this new life transitioning from two very different environments. In the environment it begins its life in, the fetus breathes liquid rather than air in the form of amniotic fluid. During labor, the lungs expel the fluid by some remarkable mechanisms. Studies suggest that the hormone epinephrine mediates the absorption of the liquid in the lungs, allowing for the lungs to transition to inhaling and exhaling air. It is truly an amazing transformation. A miracle of childbirth.
  • And this miraculous transition is happening all the time. On the global scale, the birthrate is about 4.3 births every second. So every second, about four humans make this transition from fluid to air. It works out to about 255 births per minute. For something to relate to, the opening baseline rhythm to the song In Motion is about 255 BPM:
  • Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth, Birth...
  • Beats per Minute or Births per Minute. Your choice.
  • Then there is the amount of time it takes to make all of those babies. For every note in that song opening, a mother has finished spending about 9 months building this new person. That is an astonishing amount of effort. And people take notice. The whole community around you welcomes this new life. It is a celebration. When a human comes into the world, it lets everyone know it’s here.
  • But what about blogs? What does a blog do when it comes into the world?
  • When a blog comes into the world, it doesn’t make a sound. It's like a modern twist on the old philosophical thought experiment about the tree falling in the forest.
  • A blog’s birth is silent.
  • It also seems far less miraculous. In terms of work, with sites like Wordpress, anyone can have a simple blog in minutes. Minutes! Even starting from scratch, this site only took a day or two to make. There is much less effort involved, but there are still a lot of them. There are about 172,800 blogs created every day. That's 120 blogs per minute (BPM is such a flexible acronym). The blog birthrate is more akin to the baseline rhythm of Ke$ha’s We R Who We R:
  • Hittin’ on dudes…hard.
  • And finally, people don’t notice new blogs. Yes, there are a bunch made every day, but very few will gain a sizable audience. It takes a lot of work to generate content that people will want to read and share with others. And this blog is no exception. But the amazing thing is, to modify one of my favorite movie quotes:
  • "Not everyone can become a great blogger, but a great blogger can come from anywhere." - Anton Ego (reviewing a french rat’s blog)
  • I hope you enjoyed the first in what I hope to be many posts. I hope you thought it was interesting or entertaining or engaging or maybe even all of the above. Most importantly, I hope you found it bloggable.
  • Thanks for being a part of this blog’s audience, and I hope you come back again soon...
  • …hungry for more.