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Making a keyboard shortcut for a new Chrome window with AppleScript and Automator


July 22, 2023

Your Own Shortcut

Here is a helpful tool that a large language model was able to guide me towards: making custom keyboard shortcuts with AppleScript and Automator.

I use Chrome and wanted to have a way to get a new window from anywhere on my computer, in any application. While I could use Alfred to search the web, it will open a tab in a current window, often sending me to a different Desktop. Booโ€ฆ

Instead, I can use Automator to make a script that is run when a keyboard shortcut is executed. For example, this is one I made to make a new Chrome window:

on run {input, parameters}
    tell application "Google Chrome"
        make new window
    end tell
end run

I can then make this into a Quick Action in Automator called New Chrome Window:

Making a Quick Action in Automator that runs an AppleScript to open Chrome Window

Then, in System Preferences > Keyboard, I can make an app shortcut that runs the Quick Action. Make sure that the shortcut name matches the name of the Automator Quick Action:

Setting Keyboard Shortcut to run Quick Action

With this, I can run โŒƒโŒฅโ‡งโŒ˜C (which is easy to do with my keyboard) and I will get a new window to work with.

Hope this helps you with your own workflows. What little mods have you come up with?

Till next time!

Leela perfoming some quick actions

Note: applications will ask you for permission to exeucte the AppleScript; this is a one-time occurance for each application.

Your Mac will notify you that you are running an AppleScript, but this only happens once per application.

Image Credit

robot by Zach Bogart from the Noun Project