Approach toward socials: 2023-09 šŸ’¬

Zoom in, blah blah, communicate status


September 6, 2023

Here is my current approach toward different social platforms, ordered by the ones that Iā€™m most excited by first.


Eyeball Benders Instagram ā†—

  • If you ever got a Games Magazine in the mail, you may remember a section they had called Eyeball Benders, a visual puzzle where you try to identify the images of zoomed-in objects. I really enjoy that style and have been liking it as a way to communicate visual things that have happened to me recently.
  • Expect images of recent activity, usually food, with spare descriptions. Reminders of what I got up to.
  • In general, my approach is if you pulled up an image, and you asked me about it, I would be able to tell you a little story about that situation (what was going on if you zoomed out).


Random Blurbs Threads ā†—

  • This goes for Instagram too, but I like Threads as a feed for random thoughts and musings. My guess is that this will not be used much, but we will see.

Twitter X

Statuses Twitter X ā†—

  • I have never been a devoted user to social media, but I have found Twitter X useful in that you can get the status on what people are working on. Posts here will likely be about work and such.

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chat by Zach Bogart from the Noun Project