Tidytuesday #6: Food Consumption and CO2 Emissions

Where's the beef? Off the charts.

Tidytuesday #5: NFL Attendance

TidyTuesday plotting with NFL attendance data

Tidytuesday #4: Trees in San Francisco

Learning to Map in R through TidyTuesday

Tidytuesday #3: Song Genres

TidyTuesday on Spotify Data

Ultimate Endings

Ending with a bang or a whimper?

IMDb Plots on the Cutting Room Floor

Trying out ideas

Family Guy 'Road to' Episodes

"I must admit there have been some moments that were...dare I say, fun?"

Treehouse of Horror

Told ya I wasn't done with The Simpsons just yet.

Tidytuesday #2: Passwords

A quick exploration, looking at password data from TidyTuesday

Watching Cartoonies

Take a seat. It's time to watch cartoons...