New Yorker Covers: Interactive

  • This interactive version is an extension of a previous project exploring The New Yorker covers across nine decades. One problem with the earlier version was most of the data was abstracted away to focus on the dataset in the broadest of terms. It was as if I had a stack of artwork made from colorful construction paper but only allowed people to look at the edges; I needed to let them see more of what was on the page.
  • This update brings the colorful pages to the forefront by letting users view specific date ranges and color & percentage values. In this way, the visualization is more open to users, allowing them to better explore their own hypotheses about the dataset.
  • I encourage you to explore nine decades of The New Yorker covers and see what you can find. It is an extensive dataset and I’m sure you will discover some interesting gems.
  • This visualization was made using D3, a JavaScript library that makes it easy to display data while customizing the presentation. I relied heavily on Scott Murray’s fantastic guide to D3 for the web while putting this together; if you are interested in D3, it is an excellent place to start.

  • Jul 2016

  • Interactive Data Visualization: 90 Years of New Yorker Covers

  • JavaScript & PhantomJS
  • Python, Raspberry Pi, & Image Color Summarizer
  • JavaScript & D3

  • SET date range with dropdown menus
  • HOVER over bars to view cover thumbnail, color swatch, & color percentage
  • Individual years can be viewed by setting dropdowns to identical years
Dataset & Findings

  • 4,620 Issues
  • 46,200 Color Bars
  • Year Range: 1925–2015
  • Issue Range: February 21, 1925–DEC. 21 & 28, 2015

  • Source:

  • Inaugural Issue: February 21, 1925
  • Original Price: 15 cents

  • Publish Dates: Monday & Saturday
  • Saturday Issue Range: February 21, 1925–June 23, 1973
  • First Monday Issue: July 2, 1973

  • First Issue with Abbreviated Dates: Oct. 3, 1925
  • Abbreviation Scheme: Jan., Feb., Mar., April, May, June, July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec.
  • Switch to months in ALL CAPS: FEB. 21 & 28, 2000

  • First Double Issue: Dec. 28, 1992 & Jan. 4, 1993

  • First Issue to Swap Price & Date Layout: July 6, 1998

  • Sum of All Cover Prices: $6,608.81
  • Mean Cover Price: $1.43
  • Mode Cover Price: $0.15
  • Cover Price Range: $0.15–$8.99

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