Worker Bee

Mirror Neuron #1: D3 Scatterplot

Practicing basic knife skills with D3

Top Nouns, Two Years Later

100K+ downloads. Just getting started.

Family Guy 'Road to' Episodes

“I must admit there have been some moments that were…dare I say, fun?”

Treehouse of Horror

Told ya I wasn’t done with The Simpsons just yet.

Tidytuesday #2: Passwords

A quick exploration, looking at password data from TidyTuesday

Watching Cartoonies

Take a seat. It’s time to watch cartoons…

Becoming An rvest Magician

Let’s do some magic with rvest!

Tidytuesday #1: Australia Fires

Looking at temperature data in Australia from tidytuesday.

I love everything() from the tidyverse

It is probably true that I love everything from the tidyverse, full stop, but in this case parens matter.

Learning R: Plotting Data in Polar Coordinates

I’m going through R4DS and I liked the ease with which one can map a bar chart in polar coordinates, so thought I’d give it a shot with some temperature data.