Worker Bee

Advent of Code 2020

Coding work over the holidays

Disecting David Robinson's Day 4 Solution

Understanding and Learning from David Robinson’s Solution to Day 4 of the 2020 Advent of Code

Putting "Fullstack D3" Scatterplot in Observable

Simple D3 Scatterplot in Observable

Tidytuesday #6: Food Consumption and CO2 Emissions

Where’s the beef? Off the charts.

Tidytuesday #5: NFL Attendance

TidyTuesday plotting with NFL attendance data

Tidytuesday #4: Trees in San Francisco

Learning to Map in R through TidyTuesday

Scraping Netflix Subtitle Data: Small Example

Getting my hands on some of that Stove Top stuffing

Tidytuesday #3: Song Genres

TidyTuesday on Spotify Data

Mirror Neuron #1: D3 Scatterplot

Practicing basic knife skills with D3