Advent of Code 2020

The nerdiest advent calendar

This year I made a bigger dent in the Advent of Code challenges. It was an interesting experience because this year I tried to do them as they came out. Was able to keep up for a while, but they started to pile up and I made it through the first ten. Regardless, it was good exposure to some common processes of manipulating data in R.

Advent of Code work for 2020 is available on my GitHub as well as some attempts for previous years.


  • After doing a few days, got into a rhythm for setting up a script to read and manipulate the data.
  • For most of these things, whether it is data viz, ML, etc., one of the hardest things for me is the first step of setup. Where are the files, how are they executed, how are we ingesting, exporting. Improves with practice.

Till next time!

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pinecone by Zach Bogart from the Noun Project

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Zach Bogart
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