Family Guy 'Road to' Episodes

Brian & Stewie get up to several (highly-rated) adventures

Let’s look at the “Road To” episodes of Family guy, where Brian and Stewie go on adventures together. How do they compare to the rest of the episodes aired?

Using the scraper I made, we can get the episode ratings for Family Guy.

fg <- grab_imdb_ratings("tt0182576", c(1:18))

They Make Quite a Pair

Below we plot the ratings, this time highlighting the “Road to” episodes.

# just the "road to" episodes
roads <- fg %>% 
  filter(str_detect(title, "Road"))

# all other episodes
rest <- fg %>% 
  filter(!str_detect(title, "Road"))

y_text = 6.8
point_color = "#999999"
road_color = "#008080"
ggplot(data = roads, aes(air_date, rating)) +
  # other episodes
  geom_point(data = rest, aes(air_date, rating, size = votes), 
             color = point_color, alpha = 0.2, stroke = 0) +
  # line for highlighted episodes
  geom_line(color = road_color) +
  # "road to" episodes
  geom_point(aes(size=votes), color = road_color) +
  # labels
  geom_text(aes(y = y_text, 
                label = title,
                hjust = "left"), angle = -45, color = road_color) +
  # label lines
  geom_segment(aes(x = air_date, y = rating, 
                   xend = air_date, yend = y_text),
               linetype = "longdash", color = road_color) +
  labs(title = "We're Off on the Road to High Ratings",
       subtitle = "'Road to' Family Guy episodes over time",
       x = "", 
       y = "IMDb Rating",
       size = "# Votes", 
       caption = plot_caption)


  • The “Road To” episodes are usually highly rated in relation to episodes aired during a similar time
  • The ratings for the “Road To” episodes are based on more votes than other episodes (more users gave their opinion for these specific episodes).
  • Highest-rated episode for all seasons of Family Guy is “Road to the Multiverse”. I explored the best and worst further in this post, which includes other shows as well.

Till next time!


  • geom_segment() was helpful to get the dotted lines for the labels
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