Ways to Support

Much appreciated.

No pressure, though. 😊

You’re Just Feeling Generous

  • Give a Coffee: The classic way to donate to a nerd on the internet. Head to Kofi and order me a digital coffee (I’ll probably opt for a hot chocolate, myself). Thanks!

You’d Like Something in Return

  • 📈 Get Free Stock: If you’ve always wanted to start investing, but aren’t sure how, here’s an easy way to do so. Sign up for Robinhood and you’ll get a free stock (could be $100+), while also throwing one my way.
  • 🐙 Download Some Nouns: I make little icons and post them to Noun Project. If you like that sort of thing, paying for one directly supports me. And you get a nice little icon out of the deal (project page).
  • 👕 Wear a T-shirt: If you look great in t-shirts, I got you covered. I have a collection of nerdy designs over at mztees.cool. A portion of every sale directly supports me. There are also some mugs and such if that’s more your jam (project page).

Thanks a bunch! 🧡

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humility by Zach Bogart from the Noun Project

Zach Bogart
Zach Bogart
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