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Mapping what you can build in Factorio

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Click a node to explore its nearest neighbors. Arrows point toward increasing complexity. Happy building!


Factorio is a management game where you survive by building automated systems on an alien planet. The game is built on creating ever more complicated items from simpler building blocks. It can get quite complicated, but the basic process involves making things that can accomplish tasks and chaining them together. There are a lot of things you can build, and this visualization will let you explore how the items relate to one another in terms of build requirements.

How to understand the network

The network above shows all items in Factorio (almost; see Method) and their build relationships. The item images are the nodes and the arrows are the edges.

To illustrate how the arrows work, let’s highlight the Transport_belt node:

Arrows point in the direction of increasing complexity. For example, an arrow between Iron_gear_wheel and Transport_belt means an Iron_gear_wheel can be used to make a Transport_belt:

  • Relationship: An Iron_gear_wheel is a building block for a Transport_belt

Looking at all of the arrows that point toward a node shows what items are required to build that node:

  • Recipe: A Transport_belt uses an Iron_plate and an Iron_gear_wheel as building blocks

Looking at all of the arrows that point away from a node shows what items use that node as a building block:

  • Recipe: A Transport_belt is used in building an Underground_belt, a Fast_transport_belt, a Logistic_science_pack, a Lab, and a Splitter


The graph allows for easy navigation and manipulation of the network. Navigation buttons are available as well as Mouse and Keyboard interactions. Pan and Zoom to orient the graph. Nodes can be clicked to highlight nearest connections (direct neighbors, in and out degree) or use the dropdown menu. Nodes can also be dragged to expose hard-to-see connections.


Built using the visNetwork package. Images from Factorio Wiki (grateful the wiki organization was so clean, but of course Factorio pros would keep it that way!) Items that only link to themselves—such as Raw_fish or Space_science_pack—were excluded. An arrow only describes a requirement, not a quantity; many relationships require multiple items to successfully build. Network contains 198 nodes and 481 edges.

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Zach Bogart
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