Frog Tank Enclosure

Building a tricked-out box for froggies.

While working at the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology at Boston University School of Medicine, a graduate student asked me to help her solve a problem involving frogs. She did work on oocytes, frog embryos, and so performed a lot of surgeries. The problem was the frogs were housed in a facility across campus, meaning she would have to transport the animals back and forth to get any work done. To solve this, she wanted to build an enclosure that could keep the frogs in our lab while still complying with all of the animal health and safety regulations. So, she asked me to build a frog enclosure that could do just that.

Working with my manager, I designed and built a custom-made frog enclosure that allowed the frogs to be housed on-site. The finished piece had two double-hinged doors for easy access of the tank, air grills and a fan for continuous airflow, an LED light strip hooked up to a timer to simulate light cycles, and a waterproof coating. All the electronics were hooked up to a backup power outlet to ensure the frogs would not be affected by any power failures. The completed setup was approved by the animal care facility and allowed the frogs to be housed in our lab. This let surgeries be entirely performed on-site, eliminating the need to transport the animals across campus.

Zach Bogart
Zach Bogart
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