Koji Typeface

A crack at transforming collegiate marginalia into an actual font.

I’ve been sketching out font ideas in the margins of college notebooks for years, so I thought it might be time to formalize one of them. The result is Koji, a typeface based off of a simple jig I would draw in my workbooks during class.

The main idea of Koji was to base all of the characters off of a simple template. But, as I began formally defining the font, it of course came down to some aesthetic choices. Creating this font was an incredible experience and I hope to improve it more and more, adding new characters to support more languages and tightening up each letter to improve usability.

Included Unicode Blocks

Why Koji?

Naming a font is arguably as hard as creating one. I could say it was chosen because Koji fungal blooms are sort of round like this font. Or I could say it’s a principal ingredient in fermenting soy sauce, a condiment that is simple yet complex, just like this font. But the truth is far less poetic: it came from an online word finder. I wanted a name that used an uppercase “K” and a lowercase “j” because those are two of my favorite letters in this typeface. So I searched for a word that fit the bill and came across “Koji” and it just grew on me. It’s easy to say, it has a cool but as you now know somewhat tacked-on backstory, and it looks good when written in the font, which is always a plus. Overall, a simple and catchy name for what I hope is your new favorite font.

Try it out!

If you try out the Koji typeface, consider throwing a digital coffee my way ☕. Much appreciated. ❤

Hope you enjoy the Koji typeface.

Version Log

Jan 2019

  • Initial release (1.000)
  • Basic Latin (U+0020-U+007E)
  • Latin-1 Supplement (U+00A0-U+00FF)
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