Meteor Strikes (Skillshare: Feltron Map Course)

Result from course on dataviz

I have enjoyed the work of Nicholas Felton since I first came across his annual reports, which blend creative designs with personal data. I wanted to try to get into that space of designing with data, so I looked into exploring his class on Skillshare. The course uses Processing to parse a dataset of 36,065 meteorites and display them as a data visualization. I had used Processing before, but combining it with Illustrator—a power tool that had been collecting dust in my Applications folder, was eye-opening. The ability to flexibly alter all aspects of a graphic was really freeing and allowed me to make a visualization that reflected my scientific background. The resulting piece had fluorescent green and magenta meteor strikes reminiscent of bioluminescent proteins. The colors remind me of being in college biology labs, looking at fungal blooms and active neurons. To me, it looks alive, which makes it all the more engaging. So although it can be seen simply as a plot of meteorite strikes, its connection to my past adds a richness that I really enjoy.

Zach Bogart
Zach Bogart
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