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  • It didn’t look good. I was taking a computer science course at the University of Auckland about Human Computer Interaction and we just got back our grades for a substantial assignment. We were asked to make an offline website that satisfied different criteria and my submission was not getting good marks. My site did the bare-minimum, boilerplate requirements asked of it. It was not pretty, not engaging, not well structured. It was bad work.
  • I was disappointed but not because of the grade I received. In fact, the grade helped to reveal the real problem. I was disappointed because my work lacked any substance. It did what was asked of it and no more. It wasn’t something I could be proud of.
  • So, I became determined to make something I could be proud of.
  • Soon after receiving my assignment back, I began working on building a personal website of my own, which became the site you see today.
  • It has been a long process, full of frustrating days and rewarding ones. I was determined to make the site myself rather than pay a company to make it for me. I am aware that the job would have gone a lot quicker, but I wanted to say that I had made the site by myself from scratch. I wanted to know how the machine was put together. It may be a little rough around the edges, but I know all of those edges. I built the whole thing, and the satisfaction and experience that brings is worth any imperfections that may linger.
  • As with any project like this, it’s never truly finished. I did a major redesign in 2015 and I’m sure there will be more in the future. There will always be rough edges, but I will always take pride in it.
  • It’s my site in the purest sense and I’ll always be proud of that.

  • Mar 2015, Dec 2015, Nov 2016, Mar 2018

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