Working with Git 🐙🐱

It’s helpful till something goes wrong


May 17, 2022


There was some complex git stuff that I had to do at work and Sourcetree helped show what was going on. It’s one of those intimidating apps that does it all, but it is hepful for seeing what is happening and I like the staging options that include nesting, which I find more intuitive than RStudio’s output.

Amend Previous Commit in Sourcetree

I use this often in RStudio, but was not sure where it lived in Sourcetree. It’s essentially the “no wait, but also” button, adding in a little more to the recent commit. In RStudio, it is a prominent checkbox, but in Sourcetree, it is under “Commit Options…” in the commit dialogue.

Amend Commit in Sourcetree

Image Credit

Conflict by Zach Bogart from the Noun Project