“I’ll know it when I see it”

A selection of things I’ve gotten up to



  • I work with data, but I also play with data. I’m making Observable Notebooks, which are interactive javascript notebooks that make it easy to start exploring while still allowing for amazing possibilities. Looking into these in an effort to better communicate data findings/understanding and spark curiosity. And to just have some fun.
  • I started making icons for Noun Project after wanting some icon headers for a project I worked on over the summer in grad school. Thousands of icons later, it has turned into a fun hobby.
  • I have made a T-shirt shop called Designed By a Nerd, full of some fun ideas I wanted for myself, the kinds of things where I would want to say “hey, i like your shirt”. Made with love by an outgoing introvert.

Selected Creations



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I thought it’d be neat to use a light font color for the majority of the text on this page, letting the links draw your eye and allow you to read more if you’re interested. However, that does make the text inherently harder to read and more inaccessible to some readers.

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