Worker Bee

Working with Data (and other adventures)

Twelve Clock List

…What? Whenever I see a digital clock, I do a little math in my head. I try to take the numbers and, using only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, get them to come out to twelve.

Looking into YouTube Free Movies

I saw that YouTube had a wide selection of movies, but the free movies didn’t seem very good. Was interested in seeing what kind of ratings the free movies on YouTube receive.

Hello, World!

Look, a coding website! I got this website up and running! Looking forward to being able to work on honing my skills and making is easy to post progress on that fact.


Various little projects.


Neat Tweet: M&Ms CandyViz

Tasty take on dataviz.

Factorio Recipe Network

Visualization of the crazy connections of a complicated video game

Ninja, 24 Elim Solo

Visualization of one of Ninja’s Fortnite runs


Twitter account of film clips that have cats in them.

MZ Tees

Fun shirt designs

Neat Tweet: Skittles CandyViz

Tasty take on dataviz.

Rio 2016 Prize Money

Gold Medals Earned & Prize Money Given (in USD) by Different Countries in the Rio 2016 Olympics

New Yorker Covers

90 Years of New Yorker Covers

Meteor Strikes (Skillshare: Feltron Map Course)

Data Visualization of Meteor Strikes from Skillshare Course

Podcast Postcard

Hand-Drawn Data Visualization of Podcast Listening


Twitter account of what’s interesting in the ordinary

Implant Manual

Implant Manual to Aid Undergraduates

BU Directed Study

Implants for Hippocampal Recording in Rats

Frog Tank Enclosure

Designed/Built Custom Frog Tank Enclosure

Recycled Origami

Using university print receipts for a pretty purpose