Reviewing Frozen Mini Candy Bars 🍫

‘Try it Frozen!’ they say…


August 20, 2023

Got a bag of mini candy bars recently and promptly popped them into the freezer since it was quite toasty out. But they weren’t all great when chilled down. Here are some notes on the five flavors.


My favorite of the bunch. Dead-simple cookie and caramel is pleasant when cooled down. The main thing: it’s thin. The cookie still cracks easily when bitten into, while the caramel layer is skinny enough to crack under pressure. So it doesn’t feel like you’re gnawing on a rock. Of the quintet, this was the only one that wasn’t a little square, and you can eat it in two bites. Very tasty.

3 Musketeers

Like the other squares, this one is a one-bite situation, but a pleasant one since the nougat remains slightly chewy even at low temperatures. It has a similar behavior to a Charleston Chew, which famously boasts to try it frozen. A good chilled treat.


Basically a caramel grab bag of peanuts and chocolate, this one works, but is a little unwieldy. Unlike the previous ones, you want to melt it in your mouth for a bit before chewing. But the chilled sensation is nice with what essentially becomes chunky caramel.

Milky Way & Milky Way Midnight

These were the main ones that didn’t work out very well. They both needed to melt in the mouth a bit before chewing, and they don’t gain much from chilling. These candies are better room temp to accentuate their creamy texture, which is essentially lost when frozen. And personally, the dark chocolate didn’t pair well when cold.


  • Frozen caramel works great
  • Caramel thickness can play a role in immediate gratification/chewing ability
  • If it has the perfect texture at room temp, don’t freeze it

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snow by Zach Bogart from the Noun Project