LLM Icon Calendar

Making a calendar from icons and large language model ramblings


May 22, 2023

May 22: “In the canvas of nature’s palette, behold the vibrant ORANGE that paints the sunset’s fiery embrace.”

Get PDF of Calendar Sheets

The main goal was to make something useful with some LLM wramblings. Or at least that became the goal, paired with trying to use a bunch of my nouns. So it became a calendar, where every day has an icon and a generated blurb that referenced that icon.

Pretty manual process for this one: just put on some tunes and asked ChatGPT a bunch of times for a blurb with different words as the focus. Once that was done, I did some wrangling to get it all into a big document with Affinity Publisher.

At the time, I had found that a store in town left out a big cart labeled “free wood”, filled with wood cut scraps. That worked well as a backing, then with some hardware, I could make it into a physical calendar. This turned into one of those errands with a strange list of items:

Construction went quite smoothly. Although I do now have a small hole divot in my foldable particle board table that served as my workbench. A craftsman’s scar I spose.

I mounted the final result in my bathroom. Now I start my morning with a kinda-weird quote and a nice icon. Good way to begin each day. And it worked so nicely that I made another one sans-calendar-days as a wall hook with the leftover pieces I had (always try to have leftovers!).


For those interested in building your own or at least seeing all the blurbs, here’s a list of materials:

Get PDF of Calendar Sheets

  • half-threaded hex bolt (7/16” x 2.5”)
  • scrap wood (3” x 9”)
  • 3M Command strips

July 17: “In a world of data, let the BAR CHART reveal the hidden story, one towering column at a time.”